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The role of "graphic artist" has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Specialized artisans have given way to skilled omni-taskers. The steady draw of an X-Acto blade has been replaced by whirring scrollwheels and plastic keyboards. For the design populace — it's important to maintain the sense of belonging to a community and keep our personal education as a daily ritual. More than just to stay relevant. To provide a contrast to our daily solutions and to stay away from the dreaded "rut".

As a designer, I delight in the education process. Even though our field has been consolidated from it's earlier days. Relying on one person to perform, a great many tasks. It's that change that allows us to be a part of so many mediums. Most recently the world wide web and it's subordinates in mobile media. Even though many industry pundits have virtually ignored the tactile world of print recently there have been many changes there as well.

Thank you for visiting. At the moment this is primarily a resumé site, for those people wanting to know more about me. I have included a small sample of my work from recent years as well as some of my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me by clicking here or the link at the top of the page. Thank you for your interest.

Here is an abbreviated version of my Resumé. For security reasons I have not included references here. I do however have a great list of references that I would be happy to email you. Please click here and put "References" in the message field of the contact form.

Faster Solutions Inc., Baxter, MN
Marketing Manager
Search Engine Optimization
Customer Service
Pay Per Click Management
Search Engine Marketing
Bulk Email Distrobution and Management
Online Advertising Placement
May 09 to Present

Russell Herder Advertising Agency, Brainerd, MN
Digital Media Designer
Interface Design
Search Engine Optimization
February 08 to November 08

Northland Press, Crosslake/Outing, MN
Graphic Design
Customer Service
July 08 to February 08

Crow Wing Press, Baxter, MN
Pre-press duties including:
Document pre-flight
Workflow management
Color management
Plate imaging and preparation
Customer service
Equipment maintenance
January 07 to May 07

Menard Incorporated, Baxter, MN
Department stock maintenance
Customer service
Lumber cull practices
Display and modular construction
Display maintenance
June 06 to January 07

Russell Herder Advertising Agency, Brainerd, MN
Graphic Designer
Logo design
Exhibit design
Web design
Page layout
Image preparation
Mockup construction
May 04 to August 04
October 05 to May 06

Wal-Mart One-Hour Photo Lab, Bemidji, MN
Photo Lab and Camera Department Manager
Fuji digital C-41 and RA-4 film lab operation
Film and camera sales
Daily minilab maintenance
Stocking and ordering
Customer service
Associate scheduling
Sales planning
August 03 to December 05

Arrow Printing, Bemidji, MN
Operation of bindery equipment (folders, cutters, die cutter, perfect binder, and coater)
Hand assembly and binding
Equipment maintenance
Quality control
January 01 to May 01

Bemidji Fast Foto, Bemidji, MN
Operated Agfa C-41 and
RA-4 film minilabs
Daily and extensive equipment maintenance
Photographic supplies sales
Customer Service
September 01 to June 02
(business closed - no phone available)

Image Photography, Bemidji, MN
Operated Noritsu C-41 and
RA-4 film minilabs
Daily and extensive equipment maintenance
Studio and location photography
Photographic supplies sales
Customer Service
New lab setup
November 98 to June 99
~ Ensuing occasional photography

Northwood Panelboard Company, Solway, MN
Process support in OSB manufacture
Everyday maintenance and operation of industrial
equipment and tools
Extensive safety training
Quality control
Summers ~ 98, 99, 00, 01 and 02

Familiar Skills
Search engine optimization
Search engine marketing
Bulk email
Social media management
Web design
Marketing plan development
Image editing
Site structure planning
Usability planning
Database editing
Print design
Display design
Document preflight
Logo design
Pre press operation
Photography roll film / sheet film / digital

Familiar Software
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Agfa Apogee X (pagination and rendering software)
Extensis Suitcase
Google Analytics
Macintosh OS 6 - 10.5
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Windows OS 98, 2000 Server, and XP
Microsoft Works Suite
Quark XPress 6
SoundEdit Pro

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